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  • Family Travel

    Honeymoon cruises are the best and the most popular option for a relaxing and romantic honeymoon. When you are opting for a honeymoon trip, it is necessary to select a destination or package which will allow you to enjoy the trip and make it the most memorable event which would be always be cherished in your memories.

    Opting for a honeymoon cruise package would surely fulfill all your imaginations regarding your honeymoon at a very affordable price. The entire trip would be a very enjoyable one for all the newly married couples as they are provided with excellent amenities such as spa services, romantic dinner and many other facilities.

    Besides these, they also offer many romantic activities such as special entertainment shows, breakfast being served in the cabins, romantic dinner.
    However, you have to take into consideration some important aspects which are described below:

    You should research and find out information about the best honeymoon cruises packages that are available. You can refer to the different websites and find out all the required information along with some useful tips which would make the task of selection quite easier.

    You should opt for packages which are offering you variety of destinations to be visited during the trip. It also offers you additional benefits of visiting various popular destinations without making any extra efforts for unpacking and re-packing and making you tension free and relaxed.


    Cruises have the three main categories . Those are mainstream cruises, luxury cruises and adventure cruises. If you are planning to go for a cruise, you need to consider the purpose of your cruise, determine the type of cruise you are looking for and choose the one most suitable for you.

    Mainstream cruises are the most popular of all. They offer ice-skating rings, rock-climbing walls, art collections, water parks, spas, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, etc. They have plenty of activities onboard throughout the day and night. They can be further subdivided into three types: family cruises, party cruises and romantic cruises. Some cruise lines offer specialised family cruises. They have activities planned for all age groups to cater to the needs of all members of the family. Most people booked this kind of cruises during summers, public holidays and school holidays.

    Party cruises usually last about three to four nights long. In this kind of cruises, passengers usually enjoy the pool band during the day, and spent the night dancing and lounging by the pool. Cruise lines offering romantic cruises have programmes onboard to help create a romantic mood for couples. The types of cruises being promoted by these cruise lines include honeymoon cruise, onboard wedding, wedding anniversary cruise, etc.

    Luxury cruises are usually served by smaller ships. Most of the luxury lines provide superb quality services similar to that of a five-star hotel. They specialised in providing excellent service, fabulous décor, grand accommodations, fine cuisine and exclusive settings. The activities and entertainment offered are more dignified than those in the mainstream cruises.



    This country has endless been a banquet and celebration for the senses. Holidays in this country have no example, it is never incessant and it is not monotonous. It means that no issue how many times people visits this country, it can provide great personal charm, something that was unknown. It places the most important part of the appeal of this country as an extremely potent holiday destination.

    Why India:

    It is a charming land and intrigues everyone. Take a chance and analyze the incredible, off the beaten tracks and virgin territories that India tourism has on offer and we promise you an enchanting tour with memories to cherish all your life. Undergo the religious, Adventurous, Wild, Ancient, Unexplored the real incredible India with this tour packages.

    Why Holiday India:

    This package wrap the whole length and breadth of this country.

    There are several different kind of holiday in this country like religious & Cultural tours, Yoga & Meditation tours, Heritage & Wildlife tours, Resorts & Spa tours and Honeymoon tours. There are few of well known journey packages include Kerala tour, the Golden Triangle (Delhi,-Jaipur-Agra) tour, Rajasthan tour, Jammu & Kashmir tour, Leh, Ladakh tour, Indian beaches tour, North India tour, Taj Mahal tour, West India Wildlife tour, Bird Watching tour, Hill Stations tour and the Tiger Trail tour. You can enjoy event based journeys like popular Air Ballooning adventure & Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan, the up-coming Hemis& Sindu Darshan Festivals in Leh-Ladakh, the Boat Festival in Kerala, Formula 1 New Delhi Circuit and many more, round the year.


    The Bahamas is surly one of the favorite ports of call for cruise ship companies. Situated just south of east of Florida, these islands are incessantly becoming more and more attractive to this type of tourism. The Bahamas consist of 29 beautiful islands along hundreds of cays and islets making them perfect for island hopping.

    Maybe the popularity of these islands is due to their close proximity to the states. Could it be that the Bahamians are more hospitable or that they have the necessary infrastructures in place to facilitate this type of business. Is it that cruises to the Bahamas are cheaper than other Caribbean islands. It may hard to pinpoint, but most likely it is the combination of many right things working in harmony.

    The Bahamas is just a beautiful place suited for all forms of tropical vacation.

    The temperature is nearly perfect always and the azure water never seize to allure one to take a dip. Visitors to this lovely Caribbean paradise will find activities galore suited for any time and weather. Parasailing over little islets and cays is truly a unique experience that should be done if possible at least once.  Golfing, swimming with the dolphins and almost all water-sports are super activities in the Bahamas

    After analyzing what the Bahamas have to offer, one can easily understand why so many cruise ship companies have chose Nassau as their number one port of call. These islands are second to none when it comes to fun whether on land, air or sea. The Bahamas islands are like patches of green in the middle of the Caribbean sea.


    So, you are thinking about taking an Australian vacation or holiday?

    Australia is a fantastic country offering something for everyone. It has plenty of sunshine, amazing beaches, an outback landscape that is stunning and of course some great cities and the Great Barrier Reef.

    Australian holidays can be anything you want them to be. But make sure you do some careful planning. Don’t underestimate the size of Australia which makes getting around difficult if you rely solely on a car or campervan. You will need to combine it with some air travel.

    Take some advice from a local who has been there, seen it and done it! Plan your trip in sync with the Australian Weather. The good news is that it doesn’t matter when you travel, there is always somewhere in Australia that is hot (or cold!)

    If you like the sunshine, then most of Australia is hot from October to March.

    For most Australian destinations, this is the best time to visit.

    The top end of Australia (anything north of and including Cairns and Broome) has two seasons – the wet and the dry. The dry season is the time when you want to go. It’s just not a good idea to go in the wet as roads and attractions are often closed due to flooding. There is one exception to this though. You shouldn’t be put off going to the Great Barrier Reef. It might rain a bit on your way out to the reef and the boat trip could be a bit rocky but its definitely worth it.